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Roll Models D&D

Jan 21, 2022

After patching up the sandsailor’s skiff, the Windsong, our heroes took flight. They skimmed the dunes to the roiling heights of the drystorm until the sandsailors could take them no further.

So they trekked through the cragmore and navigated the harsh terrain, guided by little more than a painting of the tomb...

Jan 14, 2022

After our heroes rescued the sandsailors, Ora collapsed into a strange vision, and on waking, he told his companions his story.

The two sandsailors thanked them all and offered a trade: for our heroes help patching up the skiff they would take them wherever they wished to go.

As they all prepared to mend the sandsail,...

Jan 7, 2022

After uncovering the secrets of the molten-glass remains of the Nunlakium, our heroes powered-up the old shardwork machine… and Arinar’s fire illuminated the tomb one last time, incinerating the corrupted husks within.

Our heroes then set their sights on the dry storm, certain that within it dwelled the next...

Dec 31, 2021

Exploring the depths of the Nunlakium, our heroes found a set of homely rooms secreted away, and within dwelled a giant, mutated Husk.

After a brutal fight, they discovered the abandoned chambers of a killed Salnari Scholar – one of the long-dead gecko people who worshipped a desert deity called The Prophet.

As the...

Dec 24, 2021

Welcome to Roll Models, an actual play DnD Video Podcast.

After solving the puzzle of silence that locked the tomb, our heroes delved into it, seeking the coilstone with their Captain's shardwork compass. But they soon realised the lock of silence may not have been designed to keep them out… but something...